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learning-with-laurie-lawrencedita Solutions is a division of Consolidated Productions Limited formed back in late 2003 when now company director Laurie Lawrence came to us and shared a vision to train swimming teachers over the net. First we built a complete install suite completely developed in Flash, then just when we were about to go out to the public, Apple decided to change the criteria and we decided not to release what had already become old technology into the market. From this point we went on our way to designing and building our own cloud based LMS (Learning Management System) from scratch, because at this point there really was nothing else satisfactory in the market that could deliver the requests that Laurie gave to us.

So today, we have a suite of products under the dita Solutions branding, dita Player, which is the online player which makes learning really simple for the user with its rich media content and easy navigation, there is no getting lost in the dita Player. To be able to manage your own staff and their training, we created dita Manager which once again is so very simple to use and gives you complete control of all your training modules online for your entire organisation. Now we have just completed the dita Creator, which allows our clients to create, update and control their own training modules without having to involve all those third parties.

My name is Ben Pedrazzini and I am the Managing Director of Consolidated Productions limited the company behind dita Solutions. We have been working together since May 1994 and when my old coach Laurie Lawrence came to see us, we then started this exciting journey. Along the way we invited like-minded individuals with skills in areas where we lacked to come on the journey with us and today; Mark Skinner, Peter Laird, Marcus Titley, Dean Kornmann and Mitchell Kelly make up the rest of the main team.

We have a passion to build the best LMS in the market, therefore, we are driven to continually look at ways we can improve our current products as well as developing new products that will enhance the comprehensive suite we have already developed. We have built strong relationships with our clients by looking at their wants and moving our development to complete their requirements to the benefit of all our clients. Being a cloud based solution, every time a client asked us for something new, we listen, engage and then deliver to their expectations, otherwise we continue until it is complete, then we release the benefits to all our clients.

The thing that we are most proud of to date is the way we have built strong relationships with key partners and clients, without these strong relationships we would not be the company we are today and we strive to keep this as our focus in the future.

It’s for this reason I believe that we are a company that you should give me a call, or drop me an email. If we can’t help you, but I know we can, then I will do my best to give you the right advice.

The one thing that we stand against is the quick sale that lands the client into systems they can’t control with hidden cost that they do not understand until it’s too late, unfortunately this is what we have noticed a lot of LMS operators offer today. The use of names like Freeware┬Ł and Shareware┬Ł while look to be cheap and easy from the sale pitch can draw the client into an online world that they never wanted to enter in the first place.

When we first came up with the acronym DITA it stood for Dynamic Interactive Training and Assessment but now we feel we offer so much more than this so we just like to be known as dita!


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